• A unique niche
    Thinking about a niche. Such a story being sent to me by a friend who observes me through my facebook posts only. I do not yet know, but am I already giving out this impression that I can be a medium who brings out the best, even of prisoners? What a blessing if that is so.
  • Unexpected connections
    If Sophie was just expressing whatever came to her mind looking at my sentence is also significant. She expresses the essence that I present to the world now. I was picked up because of the hard work I have bee putting up, as per her. Somebody so choosy as her mother.
  • Law of Attraction
    You know I optimize performance of the mind, you know the work has to be completely executed in the mind itself. So if you want to experience the richness of my mindset and duplicate it, the join my course which gives away 3 secrets to an identity upgrade…………..
  • Astrology, Numerology and Possibility
    The person who hits the goal to the opposition’s goal post is celebrated always. But the person who gives him the pass at the right time, was never much talked. And this world needs a huge number of such people, who keep on doing ‘what needs to be done’ without much expectation.Surrender leads to possibilities beyond expectations. 
  • Lyrical Memory
    Memories, we treasure as they are worth like the diminishing […]
  • An affiliate of ‘Beginnings’
    Read, learn and earn.How to give body to the non-existing information that also helps you build enough in you, to venture into reading other books on the same subject which are informative but hugely boring.  Can one read a boring book fast?Get trained in online business and ear at the same time. Knowing the basics of affiliate marketing.
  • A miracle
    I don’t know if anybody has experienced miracles like this. But today is a day, I brand as ‘Perfect’! . And yes, intentions set in flow are going to manifest!!!
  • The bird and my destiny
    Now the insight is .. I need to target those who are attempting to discover their horizons with innovations, which is when they are the most vulnerable. And need support. That is where I have to come.. knowing that there will be 10% success rate for the first time,,. 20% next time… 30%. Next. And then.. they fly off…. That is the role my life has been assigned with.
  • The unseen seen
    The answer came from several sources that it is the subconscious at work when one chooses the card oneself, and the universal consciousness comes to play when it is a parrot.
  • Crossing of Yamuna
      When I am feeling the smile and don’t have […]
  • The communion
    So I asked the yellow rose plant as to why she felt depressed. She should bloom as she would bring color and variety around her by doing so. Moreover, creativity will keep her healthy.
  • Engaging the MFIs in the solar voyage
    Post-lock down period will definitely see the consumers purchasing behavior shifting to non-essential but life-quality enhancing products.
  • Discovering the vision
    I need to sit in meditation, and be willing,  for that picture to be unfolded. The sacred yes.   It is that simple.  Till that time,  all the pain and negative incidences are just hints for me to look more intently at my destined path.  The sweet surrender.
  • Michelle Obama and her journal
    If you are wondering if this is all that a journal can do, then I bring another world famous journal to your notice. The best seller book, “Becoming of Michelle Obama” which sold 12 million copies in 2019-2020 is a journal. Read it to find out. The ultimate dream is something unapologetic-ally grand!!
  • Changing gear to wider perspective
    This work will lead to a ‘programme’ as I was whispered yesterday by the universe. 
  • Found my vision
    With a bigger vision in mind, we are not stuck with negativity anymore. Look at this, I had to just switch on. So it is an ever attentive universe!!!
  • Earrings to unfolding
    Hey Monica. Connecting to you again. I need more of […]
  • Continuous Credible Governance
    If ‘State’means ‘we the people’, it is not about the voting system. Institutions as well as systemic mechanisms have to be strengthened and allowed to function  for continuous credible  governance.
  • Unfolding self
    I follow Nichiren Buddhismrelated SOKA GAKAI. Since it is important […]
  • Gungunao Shaeen-bagh
    https://www.facebook.com/pankaj.chaturvedi2/posts/10218991345407975 दिल्ली में है शाहीन बागबहुत छोटा बहुत खुला सा […]