Earrings to unfolding

Hey Monica. Connecting to you again.

I need more of you to describe myself because I have been hiding behind so many things even positive (not to say about the entrenched negative beliefs), that I am able to see myself often. As I inquired,  I saw the unfolding of a layer : the external-most aspect of mine which is just a blind, not the real me.   

Hatred was there which I shared few days before. But letting that go means I should have been there all over. Where am I? I now understand that I am too fitting into others’ image of me so much that,  I am  i the crowd of average players. I am not distinct to be visible easily. 

And this is bringing contempt!!!. How funny.  If I was not appearing to myself as I am, how can anybody else would be able to see me?  Without the unfolding,one remains a stranger to everybody including the self.   

Anyways. shall dwell on it. Thank you, you expressed to help me express. What a universe! You look as beautiful as ever. And as somebody commented on your earrings yesterday.. I too appreciate them. I love earrings designs. I think I should start wearing them often from now on. Since the days when I started contracting, my earring collection also started dwindling. What a coincidence. But true. Minimalism yes.. but stylishness should not be compromised. .. By the way I shall show you my earring collection in a video still some 20 odd pair, though!  And, did you notice, that this has presented an opportunity to unfold?

Note : I can act as your friend as well, as Monica is to me;who is non judge-mental while listening to me. I shall help you unfold, and pick up a niche so that it becomes a tool for you