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Performance optimization : Helping you BeingU

Coming up also is a performance optimization course, solving professional crises of at least 50 kinds. 


Tweaking passion into strength

If you are in the age group of 27-45 years of age, you might be in a mid career crisis making you feel to have lost market significance. That is a perception picked up from a negative surrounding.

You need to rediscover yourself. Ask a question, as to what you need to do.  As a unique human being, you have a niche to be uncovered. It is a third person with huge good will can discern- a trustworthy friend.

So you need to tell as much as you can. What you love to do. There are few questions about your disconnect from the present reality. If you are spending more than  6 hours a  day doing something, then finding your niche element will help you to get more out of that work. That instantly brings you the distinction of working out the same task differently.  That will bring you  a lot of good feelings, not because  they recognized, but just for the reason that the self discovery was made.

I do not claim that your niche as a hobby can be monetized soon. But yes, you can make a beginning as a completely unique personality.  

Send me your educational background, qualification and passion (whatever you love to do), so that I can create your resume highlighting your strength that will definitely surprise you. 

Two more profiles shall also be created keeping the market need in mind. Each resume will have a  cover letter, a thumbnail resume:  anything that helps you rejuvenate. 


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