May 2019

Choosing the outcome Toxic was the interaction. It was one of the so many. These days it’s the moment of reflection, to tone down the aggression and hatred and all the negative thoughts that are bouncing and back. This time, however, it was observed by somebody. The immediate advice was to get dissociated from the setup. This […]

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Enjoying Is Excellence

note : Enjoying Is Excellence Drama  3 Minutes    0     0 © Naik Nilima Ruchika made it clear that she would learn ‘Odissi’, which is a classic dance form. It was a decision made when she was 14 years old, still a child. She participated in ‘Sambalpuri’ folk dance which is as vibrant and energetic dance, as the

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The Stillness

I read and viewed thousands of material on raising my vibrations by being positive. Problem was, I understand but cant maintain the state. You all have heard meditation methods. That means focusing on a single point, which is more or less the same. Unless the same state is maintained, the mind is jumping to another

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The hidden dream

Published at : As I was about to give up, the dream played in my mind, to give itself a last chance. That is what I think today. Not so, then, I did not know that it was one thing to read heaps of motivational books, and another to really see yourself progress. There was

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