The Stillness

The StillnessI read and viewed thousands of material on raising my vibrations by being positive. Problem was, I understand but cant maintain the state. You all have heard meditation methods. That means focusing on a single point, which is more or less the same. Unless the same state is maintained, the mind is jumping to another state, and if that is negative, then it jumps to another which might be a day dream, and jumps back to square one for a moment, before jumping to another, God knows whereto.

So basically, I wanted to be positive, and I think positive, but I could not be positive for long, and I start criticizing myself ; which is not being negative to others, but it has been to myself. And who is the most important thing if your task is to raise vibration? Me. Oh God. I know that. You now that too. A message from the universe came to feel and enjoy the pain which makes it disappear. Oh, really? How can experiencing pain makes it disappear? and what is the point? Another message said that the jumping mind will not be repulsive of pain then.

Wondering how the messages came to me? Well, those come to you too, all the time. Why do you think are you reading this piece of mine? Because its having some messages for you too, which I don’t have any means to know, but since I was pushed to write this, while you will be pushed towards this, I know the universal mechanism of conveying the exact message which you need. Wait for a second and give yourself a second moment, and you will know that you own that moment.

Now, I don’t know what happens if you own or not a moment. But my explanation is,that you are still for at least a moment. If it is one moment, then it can be two, three and whatever number you want. So you can see the message. Isn’t it? I have gained from writing this piece which you have found useful also.

But I started with another experiment when I was being pushed to write the experience. I was feeling the urge since last 3 days when I was doing a very challenging assignment. My mind was asking if this would be a successful assignment. Was I okay with the progress so far? If yes, it will be successful with a bit of luck. I could control how ‘satisfying’ I could make it, I could not control the ‘bit of luck’. But I can ask for it if I am deserving. So first of all I was making myself deserving. But at times, I can not know if I deserved, and those are the moments when I have to surrender to a higher force which knows and decides. There is a catch. Why not surrender from the beginning?

And bless things and people and circumstances around. All of those are for a learning, and a message to delivered to me. And all these are for my growth and evolution as a real being of higher configuration. So. passing from moment to moment, each of us can decipher the messages being sent to us…. I finished the assignment, to my satisfaction. I shall be better in it from now on… irrespective of success. That is the marvel of stillness which prevails

And I understand it now because of this blessing of reaching out to you, dear reader.