Effective training of Human resources

Number of Training is an important indicator

Adequate training : Know enough to execute better

Time duration was adequate :  Contribute to reduce repetition

Effective Trainings aids : Arrange for it for compressed & multiple learning

Extending training time at times –  Prioritize the important sessions and spend more time than less important ones

Prior knowledge of programme objectives : why are you getting trained?

Relevance of training to development needs –  new responsibility coming up

Methods appropriate for the budget – Designing of the training for maximum learning

Exciting sessions leads to memorable learning experience.  Sharing and honest analysis is a powerful tool in training

Training for better efficiency – learn what you already know, but the approach is different. Think differently

Effective training to achieve a breakthrough : Paradigm shift

Change in the training material : Update and brush up for the changing circumstances

Overall usefulness – outgrow the environment as well while moving on

Effective for overall work execution –  Be a better person at work

Effective participation –  The feedback forms look different from the other