Styling a life

Lyrical Memory

Memories, we treasure as they are worth like the diminishing fire struggling to keep identity still giving warmth, like struggle of destitute woman trying protect her child from the cold raining night bath. Like the pleasant touch of unseen spring breeze,like the dirtiness of writing on a stony Creek. Like the beauty of creeping light […]

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I want a leader to mentor me I was wondering what a worst  ‘misfortune’  could be. To have an insecured boss,  who obviously has limited capabilities.   S/he does not harness the expertise, rather hijacks it.  At the end of a successful execution, its a selfish person who blows a loud trumpet, without an iota of  contribution that could have lifted team

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Ram temple may be a ruined temple

(These are the people in the guise of a ‘Jogi’ intend to appropriate the money. But we should give them the responsibility to construct the temple. The unaccounted for money will be treated as the ‘ destruction’ that is inevitable in the name of ‘Ram’)

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Energy clearing

The patterns repeat.  Locate the pattern.  Expand, get over if there is something restricting you. Let the narrowness be in, but get yourself out of the whole thing; this means you are no more receiving the consequences. That is when you receive the light.        

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Be a nobody

Isn’t that what we think when watch movies like “The Roman Holiday”  ad “Victoria and Abdul”? By that count, we really are already happy, doing the very basic living, and living around nature.  Actually, the tribal are still doing the same.  Do we need more than the basic things, in any case?   One realizes that

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The success story of Anjali The author concludes with these words ” The point that is here to note Anjali is just an example and not an exception. Women are deemed less capable, even if there are proofs to the contrary. However, Anjalis of this world prove that we need to keep working at it and empower all Anjalis

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Second class citizens in own country If you think it to be unity that people have not come out in the open,  the you are mistaken. Its utter shock of how India is behaving. India’s Supreme Court endorses right-wing vision relegating Muslims to second-class citizens Like many Indians, I was glued to the television set on Saturday, awaiting the Supreme

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