Astrology, Numerology and Possibility


Yes, that was what I was reading yesterday.
Ever wonder what in moon causes the tides? Why the mid seems to go irrational (read abstract) during the new moon and the full moon days? What in our mind is responding to the pull of moon?

I was reading something on Quantum physics that says if you watch with anger at one moment and with joy at another, then the molecular behaviors are different at both instances. That means, our frequencies change others, and others’ frequencies.

So it is the frequency. The higher it is the better we are.
Then what are the planets doing out here? Well, we are born with certain unique role for the universe, each of us. Each circumstance occurs to raise the frequency; whether we perceive it as good or bad. It is meant to raise our awareness, and hence our growth.

The odd times enhance our growth if we are aware. The blessings need to be recognized. And the good times are indicators of being in unison with the Universe.

So, Astrology and numerology as I understood; give us calendars of opportunities coming on our way. Once in the beginning of my career, I had the fortune of coming in close contact with a stellar figure in Astrology, “Jyotirvidya Brihaspati” Shri Ramachandra Harichandan.

He never looked at my birth chart, but told me to look at the immense possibilities my life would bring me, and in the process he warned me to practice to be a lone crusader till people understand what I foresee ahead of time.
Since I am blessed with immense possibilities, I keep finding them. My dreams keep being achieved silently.

That meant that I often will be a misunderstood personality. It also implies that I understand struggles of people around me. I have seen people getting transformed with few counselling of mine; which I always needed to do as a team lead/project manager.

I was impressed about the story my father told me once.
The person who hits the goal to the opposition’s goal post is celebrated always. But the person who gives him the pass at the right time, was never much talked. And this world needs a huge number of such people, who keep on doing ‘what needs to be done’ without much expectation.  Surrender leads to possibilities beyond expectations. 

I should be honest. It pinches at times, But then the bigger unfolding always beckons me. If the team of 40 would have given me recognition, I would not have searched for a team that impacts 200 lives. And subsequently, I wouldn’t have found my dream of impacting 1 billion people, in 139 countries.

I do not have an iota of doubt. It took some time to integrate that experience into the digital world. And now I am there; as ‘Performance Optimization Mentor’ .

Yesssss, I embrace the possibilities. Taken from the right perspective, it is a huge tool to bring the future in front; to be molded according to choice.

Feeling blessed with the insight! ……. Gratitude….