A unique niche

Thinking about a niche. Such a story being sent to me by a friend who observes me through my facebook posts only. I do not yet know, but am I already giving out this impression that I can be a medium who brings out the best, even of prisoners? What a blessing if that is so.

The bird and my destiny

Now the insight is .. I need to target those who are attempting to discover their horizons with innovations, which is when they are the most vulnerable. And need support. That is where I have to come.. knowing that there will be 10% success rate for the first time,,. 20% next time… 30%. Next. And then.. they fly off…. That is the role my life has been assigned with.

The conflict n dillema at Shaheen bagh

This is the surprise: A protest meeting that allows a young girl to declare her friendship with the “enemy” and then express her dilemma between her personal relationships and her political understanding!

The causes of failure

There is a reason why one failed.  The incompetency for that particular assignment may be one of the reason. You did not feel 100 per cent for the task, which is why the competency did not develop, ad the body language did not reflect it.  So did you get a bit inside to explore what …

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Second class citizens in own country

https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/11/11/indias-supreme-court-endorses-right-wing-vision-relegating-muslims-second-class-citizens/#click=https://t.co/wuoD2NU93Q If you think it to be unity that people have not come out in the open,  the you are mistaken. Its utter shock of how India is behaving. India’s Supreme Court endorses right-wing vision relegating Muslims to second-class citizens Like many Indians, I was glued to the television set on Saturday, awaiting the Supreme …

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Microfinance update – Sa-Dhan in Oct 2019

Issues / Concerns in Microfinance Sector Disturbances in Assam Over last few weeks there have been some disturbances in the microfinance sector in some districts of Assam. There is some ongoing campaign – spreading misinformation and rumours that microfinance institutions are charging higher rates of interest and violating RBI regulations and influencing the borrowers to …

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Enhanced Grass-root understanding of finances

Awareness, consistent use, and skills are required to accept a new way of life. Digital Financial Inclusion will fast track the growth and poverty alleviation in India. However,  behavior change is essential, the underlying factors need to be understood. Click here to read more.

India of shared dreams

I am trying to be positive. Just pay heed to the issues raised here. See, there is a reason why this Govt is where it is now. That is about shared dreams and bright futures; and constant check on how much we have achieved is required. And that is not about being against anybody https://www.facebook.com/navin.thumakunta/posts/10156807798055292 …

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The great sage Narada sat completely drenched in the incessant rain on the banks of the angry Sutlej. His cottage was washed away last night and since then he was not able to locate his family. He could see a few like him who are searching their families around and it was a huge commotion …

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