The bird and my destiny


Rescued the bird who was trying to fly.but attacked by two crows during it’s first attempts… No idea ..if it survives.. I have covered it with socks n poured water in between it’s beaks.. I m trying to figure out my learning from this

But it died a 15 minutes later. This was the 2nd bird succumbed to attack.. not to injury but to shock of attack. What lesson was trying to unfold with that experience. I hope the bird better left it’s weak body.. as with it’s underdeveloped feathers n the shock, it wouldn’t have learnt to fly.. and a bird without the skill to fly would have been dependent. If the experience had to pass in my life space, it is hinting at something. And then I was given the answer.

You know how it is when you try to get to your intention? How haphazard the statements appear. Still one persists because that is the direction one feels the push n pull.

The number had come to me on its own. 1 billion in 139 people to be impacted through whatever I do. That is the dream statement I had put on 12th of May.

Now the insight is .. I need to target those who are attempting to discover their horizons with innovations, which is when they are the most vulnerable. And need support. That is where I have to come.. knowing that there will be 10% success rate for the first time,,. 20% next time… 30%. Next. And then.. they fly off…. That is the role my life has been assigned with.

Do I need lot of money? No not lots. Need more than I have at present. But hugely required is the prudence of emphasizing, hand-holding, inspiring, business planning, strategizing, which I have the experience of whole my career.

But of course I need the golden words to define the journey thru these experiences
I know beforehand so that there is no failure.
How beautifully the dots r getting connected….and. So there i m.