November 2019

A consistent institution Started with just one state and a tiny tribal district in Odisha, now they have been operational in 4 adjacent states in India. The microfinance institution (MFI) Sambandh Finserve Private Limited (SFPL), founded in 1992 as the Regional Rural Development Centre (RRDC), is based in Odisha. An Oikocredit partner since 2018, it serves women […]

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I want a leader to mentor me I was wondering what a worst  ‘misfortune’  could be. To have an insecured boss,  who obviously has limited capabilities.   S/he does not harness the expertise, rather hijacks it.  At the end of a successful execution, its a selfish person who blows a loud trumpet, without an iota of  contribution that could have lifted team

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Joining RCEP

Joining RCEP would have helped the “Make in India ‘ programme with the preferential route given for trade ad that is why for investment. We should have better internal processes towards reform so as to handle competition leading to efficiency which would have helped us honor the FTA signed way back in 2009 regarding the

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The causes of failure

There is a reason why one failed.  The incompetency for that particular assignment may be one of the reason. You did not feel 100 per cent for the task, which is why the competency did not develop, ad the body language did not reflect it.  So did you get a bit inside to explore what

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Ram temple may be a ruined temple

(These are the people in the guise of a ‘Jogi’ intend to appropriate the money. But we should give them the responsibility to construct the temple. The unaccounted for money will be treated as the ‘ destruction’ that is inevitable in the name of ‘Ram’)

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Energy clearing

The patterns repeat.  Locate the pattern.  Expand, get over if there is something restricting you. Let the narrowness be in, but get yourself out of the whole thing; this means you are no more receiving the consequences. That is when you receive the light.        

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Be a nobody

Isn’t that what we think when watch movies like “The Roman Holiday”  ad “Victoria and Abdul”? By that count, we really are already happy, doing the very basic living, and living around nature.  Actually, the tribal are still doing the same.  Do we need more than the basic things, in any case?   One realizes that

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