A unique niche

This morning a friend sent me a story about somebody who has created a prison-village, to allow prisoners to live with dignity. The intention behind the work is so noble!! I mean there is no hatred to the criminals.
It sent me thinking. The famous motivational speaker Ms. Lisa Nichols in her recent interview is discussing about the ‘father of her son’; who is undergoing imprisonment since her 20 plus year old son was 8 months old.
He has written 4 books already from the prison!!!!
I had some disturbing feeling at first because it challenged my paradigm perhaps. But here is an opportunity-path very less treaded, surely.
Remember the award winning movie of V.Shantaram – “:Do Akhen Barah Hath”? What about the famous movie “Sholay”? Aren’t the protagonists all dealing with prisoners?
So I wondered if there can be a niche thought around serving the prisoners? Before and after the crime they are human beings; who surely caused difficulty for fellow human beings at some point of time. But that guilt and pain can be turned to something else, possibly.
Thinking about a niche. Such a story being sent to me by a friend who observes me through my facebook posts only. I do not yet know, but am I already giving out this impression that I can be a medium who brings out the best, even of prisoners? What a blessing if that is so.
I had posted the link in the bigger group of the “Money Manifestation Club”, which was little out of place so I deleted. Isn’t that a clue again that I am contemplating so much in this group which also is questioning my own sense of responsibility?
Everything brings a greater blessing. May be one of my course will ow be designed for that audience also. It has to be… Performance Optimization and Mentoring of Prison Inmates (POMPI course). Wow !!