I want a leader to mentor me


I was wondering what a worst  ‘misfortune’  could be. To have an insecured boss,  who obviously has limited capabilities.   S/he does not harness the expertise, rather hijacks it.  At the end of a successful execution, its a selfish person who blows a loud trumpet, without an iota of  contribution that could have lifted team mates to grow to the next level.

How to handle such rascals?  Getting oneself extricated from such a team is the easiest way out. But such a person exists in every other team.  I was wondering for quite some time.    

Don’t let the bar lower-  at any point of time, no matter what.  Outperforming oneself is the key.  To do something one chooses to do, and bringing in a dimension which a mean person can not do, simply because s/he won’t have the time to do because of over-indulgence in jealousy.