A miracle

Surrender of course. Seeing the invisible and hearing the inaudible. That whisper that tells me an impossibility as per my current life circumstances(not as impossible as I write this)… is to be the one my life is for. – At 9 AM.

I asked myself- can I get the confirmation from Vivek today? There was no reason why he would do that, except that I resemble him very much in my aptitude! Funny, isn’t it?

Whether it will be there in the final video or not, the first statement I heard was “Sangeeta Naik I am going to make you the host today”.

In another 20 minutes, Vivek Meherotra, my coach, confirms in no ambiguous terms that I am that material that I am dreaming to be! At 9 PM.

I don’t know if anybody has experienced miracles like this. But today is a day, I brand as ‘Perfect’! . And yes, intentions set in flow are going to manifest!!!

…. Gratitude…