An affiliate of ‘Beginnings’


I  am a beginner,  as  something got decided yesterday. In this context, it was finding a niche. We were in the final episode of  the online business blueprint.  We were to chose our best from marketing services, blogging, affiliating, e-commerce and coaching.                  However, my context has been beyond these concerns as I felt; and that is the reason why I know that I an ‘Affiliate of beginnings’ while perfecting my digital identity(DI)  as a ‘Performance optimization mentor’.


A beginning of my affiliation to my next version.


Since I decided,  my identity became ‘me-v3’, while my DI has taken a tiny step forward to become ‘DI-v1-1’.  Should I write my mindset documents yet?    I think , I can add few things, as I have not yet outgrown the present understanding as of now.


What however has taken a leap is the belief system.  That needs to be shaped into the tangible parameters that is when I shall have ‘mindset document -stage 2’.


By when?  Still 33 days to go of my first 90 days. My mentor tells me to stay with this for the entire 90 days. Hence the action points are required to be decided. Although some procrastination sets in along  with this  decision, I take a decision to change it to pro-activeness.


What about 5 e-books in the next 33  days?  All of them will be in version -1.  This has been an important concept for me, because it gets one started. It does not put pressure to be perfect.  It allows one to be at peace with oneself, and most importantly, it helps one author books in no time; and guess what, an author is one who has authority on the subject!!!!


Now let me decide the subject:   One which is useful for a reader, crisply written (6-10 pages), infographic, and attractive.  Almost like a power-point presentation.  Recently somebody had asked how to read a book fast.  And I have received a shabby PPT this morning. There was not enough information for the graphs, and the insights were not coming out.  These two experiences combined;  gave me the first idea to write my first e-book.  How to give body to the non-existing information that also helps you build enough in you, to venture into reading other books on the same subject which are informative but hugely boring.  Can one read a boring book fast? 

Get trained in online business and ear at the same time. Knowing the basics of affiliate marketing.


Now see, what I am dealing with?  I am also building a proficiency to read books on your behalf and provide you the insights you need. The same book will carry 10 different ideas to 10 different people; based on their background.  Of course information will be the same.


Wonder how that is possible?   Well, well- that is my USP, which I have just found as I was writing. This story I had written down in my journal, but I am not copying it.  With a time gap of 3 hours, the same story has changed outlook, retaining the content intact.  


I shall discard many versions of my contents or re-own after sometime without meaning any offence to myself, my content, or the universal wisdom flowing through me:  as I integrate   my observations, skills and values together in the process.



By the way, I shall be doing affiliate marketing as well. Because it does not take any extra effort. I love reading book and digital content that I shall promote. Those will be on my website. I am grateful to the universe that I am in a job that requires continuous study, frequent powerpoint presentations,  analysis   and some writing.  I like supporting my colleagues which makes me a person to fall back upon in the times of need.  That inclination itself brings a huge amount of insight about time management, resourcefulness, prior-planning;  which leads to efficiency and hence performance optimization.


Now, am I looking to quit my job?    Honestly I do not see the possibility as yet.  But I surrender!!   I know I am in for grand surprises, as I let go off the limitations of my own intellect.


…. Gratitude