Found my vision

Found my vision!
Forgiving. No matter what, I forgive. I forget a bad day by assigning it to the past. This mindset of mine, is construed as ‘pleasing’ management rather than ‘discipline’ management.
So largely ignored.
That caused pain. Why? Because the task has been assigned  to somebody else. How does it serve me? I become aware that this  is victim consciousness.
How can I have gratitude? Because now I have to expand  my creativity. Instead of being constrained to a project, now I get time to expand my vision and reach out to many more. Since I can please people with my words and behavior, I do not need to think about their discipline and say something which could bring in negativity. If they are passionately attracted to my proposition; it will be a ‘programme’ rather than a ‘project’. I am being led in the path of achieving my vision, and am thankful to the universe for it.
Ah!  So far so good. At some point or other, a bigger breakthrough has to happen which is indicative of the fact that my ways have proven to be useful. So here is an expectation, anticipation of something. What is that breakthrough? I can serve one million people. Nothing less. So I do not wait for somebody to recognize my effort, but I can go all out to bring positive change in the lives of 1 million people world wide. Therefore, I should strive for that.
I reach out to the group for that. I have resolved my personal difficulties long back. I am resolving problems in my professional mindset now, with gratitude and identification of my goal. I am grateful to the universe that the difficulties in my journey notwithstanding, I am well on my path. Wow. What complain can I have?
With this masterstroke, I have let go of thousand layers of the hatred and constriction that I had till yesterday, as I write these lines.
How do I write these lines? How did I think of the solution which I had been grappling with even till this morning?
I think as I posed the question, with transparency, willingness, awareness; then the answer flowed through me. With a bigger vision in mind, we are not stuck with negativity anymore. Look at this, I had to just switch on. So it is an ever attentive universe!!! Thank you for giving me my vision.
Let us have your vision sorted out,too!