Changing gear to wider perspective


I was thinking about one official webinar today. The supporting amount for a survey and the dissemination of the insights gained thereof had come from a source which finances an affordable housing project for which I had worked hard since a year.


However, there was another person who did the communication and somehow the project was allotted to him. In our work, communication is more important than the work one does. So thinking in that line, I was slipping into the victim mindset.  So I paused.


I shifted my mindset to another core area of my work  which is ‘clean and renewable energy’ (SDG 7). Since it has direct link to ‘climate change’, I looked at the sustainable development goals SGDs – 13. And tried to read a bit more about how I can revise my last concept note.


Around the same time, a discussion was going on in the official group about the plight of the deprived segment of the society; and about the organizations which have contributed to help the migrant workers and the farmers. 


One of those organizations specialized in the ‘climate action’  theme also figured in the discussion.  It  is under  government scanner because of its protest against nuclear power, mining work and generation of thermal power.  And I was surprised. The task of resolving this issue can be my next task.  This work will lead to a ‘programme’ as I was whispered yesterday by the universe. 


I am reminded even today.  And I added two more hashtags to the range of work I am doing.

Let us get back to your imagination with a pause.