Michelle Obama and her journal

I was talking to my journal.

It has been years that I preferred writing my journal.  It was not regular though. I thought my handwriting was no more beautiful, so I started doing it digitally. That is very fine also for those who can do it regularly. 

But you know what, you tend to skip few days in between and hence you will miss the little e chat with your pages.  I am not trying to convince anything, it is a choice. Important is the daily engagement with the journal, so that the   the mind releases all thoughts it has held for the whole day on the pages.

So released, the bad thoughts evaporate into thin air.

On the other hand, the good thoughts will bring in good feeling, gratitude and multiplies helping the energy to manifest; health, happiness, and money of course. 

I experimented along with MMC(Money Manifestation Club). This is the last ritual of the day. I now have a purpose. Impacting lives has been my dream,   and I have to manifest money although I understand that lives can be positively impacted as soon as one decides to do so.

It has been a pleasant coincidence for the last few days I have been hearing something like this: “When we harmonize the rhythm of our lives, with the rhythm of the universe, it will help manifest new vitality, vigor and inspiration and enable us to thrive and prosper”

In order to enhance positive vibrations, the essential ingredient in the mind should be at the time of sleep is gratitude. Remembering all the good happened in the day brings gratitude easily. And it helps if you are putting those into the journal.

So I was filling up my days with as much good vibes as I could. 

A pleasant encounter happened during an online discussion recently. A week back, I had said something positive to a lady.

It was just chit-chatting, more of a passing comment, I thought although it helped me stay positive. I felt good about it.   But I did not realize that it could lead somebody to release shame and guilt from the mind held for several years now.      This lady (Lets call her Lady X) was from US, but has a Chinese daughter in law.    Many years back her life circumstances forced her to leave her son with her parents, and the son grew up away from her, although she did her best to provide for the son’s best education.  Eventually, the Son got a very good opportunity in China and went there and was still in that country. She got married to a Chinese girl that way.    Lady X had a guilt always that there is perhaps a distance between her and her son because she could not raise the son by herself.     She felt the indifference because the son hardly brought her any gift. She was angry at her daughter in law as she hardly said anything during a discussion, although she did not appear to be abhorring Lady X.  It must be video calls.   

When I read her story, I asked her whether she knew that the oriental culture is not be very loud when it comes to the expression of love.  People in these countries, like China and India , Japan, Singapore , Malaysia certainly are not known to be gift givers  to say ‘love you’, although it is becoming the trend gradually.    Love is expressed in a subtle manner to be profound as par the culture of people of this part of the globe.

Lady X was taken aback. She said she never had thought from this perspective.   Yesterday,  she said she felt a great burden to have been lifted up,  from her shoulder as she now could understand her son and daughter in law better. And the guilt was gone.  The shame of being attached to a gift rather than the feeling of love was also gone as she opened her heart to her children.

I was speechless!      If you are reading this,  you must be feeling my tears swelling up in gratitude.         I actually impacted 3 lives with those few words.  Just with a positive recorded intention, through a journal, I earned my share of blessings from the universe to guide me to be there  to be part of that particular discussion.  It brings me the sense of much of achievement too.

As you can see, this started with writing down the day in my journal, with a playful anticipation that did not know the ‘how’ yet.  For the rest of my journey in this world, whenever I shall see this page, I shall be filled with these feelings again and again.  I have automated my gratitude machine just by recording this incidence in my journal.  



If you are wondering if this is all that worth it,  if it is all a journal can do, then let me bring a world famous journal to your notice. The best seller book, “Becoming of  Michelle Obama” which sold 12 million copies in 2019-2020, happens to be a journal.  Read it to find out. 

So my ultimate dream is something un-apologetically grand!!