Discovering the vision

I was  sad and  surprisingly down, after a  beautiful day, and appreciative night, and so much of gratitude.  What  do I receive today, So that can give it away?   There was a no buzz.            There was   no  wave of the recent    exuberance that  was there  just few hours before.   


I checked my         table of life structures.     I  have an indicator graph  based on the numbers I  assign to each structure.  And the trend-line was dipping.    Was I saying  myself  lot of  depressing thing.  And then I realized that the mind resists  when u r about to embrace a new habit.

That was a revelation.          

I  reopened the table of life structures with its various sub-elements that was discussed in the first week.  It is   indeed  a helpful tool to keep evaluating yourself bit by bit.                 It helps  discover  your  plus points which apparently were  negative to you so far, and then love yourself   with turning the weaknesses to strengths.       That is liberating.    This particular  constitution of mine is due to a certain reason, and are  there so as to  save me from distractions.   What a heavenly design for the particular  purpose  of my incarnation.   I now  know  why  those certain  pathways were blocked, why those directions were never opened,  why it felt like a closed tunnel when I  persisted on the path  that is not chosen  for me, but  I saw and  started walking.   It has been painful because that is not the path.  The entire  design of this incarnation  is not meat to take that path.


Having realized that, now  the chosen path  has to be   discovered.   The end  picture is clear.  But since I do not know whether I have started at all, it feels like a dream.    A  desire  that is unrealistic. But nevertheless, the struggle to find out the new path is not there anymore.  I need to sit in meditation, and be willing,  for that picture to be unfolded. The sacred yes.   It is that simple.  Till that time,  all the pain and negative incidences are just hints for me to look more intently at my destined path.  The sweet surrender.

It is so obvious, yet I  kept ignoring the hints.  That is the unfolding today.