The hidden dream

The Hidden Dream

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As I was about to give up, the dream played in my mind, to give itself a last chance. That is what I think today. Not so, then, I did not know that it was one thing to read heaps of motivational books, and another to really see yourself progress. There was no sky to fly off. So the cage was the world. Also I read that one needs to adjust to the circumstances one can’t have any control of. So I was hanging on.

But the same situation was getting overcome by so many who did not have as much fire. That was the one reason why my dream came to me for a final evaluation. Two things happened. I decided to try a bit harder, and differently. And I became observant in the hope of an opportunity.

I bet, these two pay off. It did not happen my way. I had to change my world, the cage.

I started with the job change. I am writing more frequently. I wrote excellent captions. I got a sewing machine to redesign my clothes. I saw new plants coming up in my balcony garden. I was quickly finishing all pending tasks. I did a lot of data mining, and comparative studies.

These may not be towards the direction I intended, But I was happy as my perceptions change. The worries now have become somebody else’s concern. The sense of freedom at times appeared like indiscipline, but for me, it was about breaking free of the restrictions unintentionally imposed on me. My share in the crime was that I allowed myself to give in and adapt.

This realization freed me from blaming anybody. I was genuinely happy without that artificial smile. I wrote to a potential employer: ” A suitable package can help me be engaged full time”.

My message was returned with an appointment. It is not visible as yet, but something told me inside that the unknown hidden dream is about to surface. The transition took place at the moment of the decision.