Choosing the outcome

Toxic was the interaction. It was one of the so many. These days it’s the moment of reflection, to tone down the aggression and hatred and all the negative thoughts that are bouncing and back. This time, however, it was observed by somebody. The immediate advice was to get dissociated from the setup. This also was familiar advice. Time, place and people have changed, but the incidences remain the same and keep coming back the same way, giving the same wretched feeling.

“What was it which is not being learned so far?” After all, life circumstances are the teachers irrespective of the characters.

The silent disrespect was evident too. My ego self was not willing to accommodate. But it held itself back as soon as this statement was underlined.

Now, the neutrality was laid bare. The thousand essential steps which were supposed to be taken care of were at one side. And at the other side, the few choices which were within reach were looking expectantly to be chosen, to be spared a thought about.

It has been years since it had first occurred in the contemplation that it’s very unlucky to be assessed by a mediocre person. It was a choice to bring oneself to such a situation. That was a crime that has led to this repercussion as on today. As if that was not enough, to still continue with the complacency, another choice was made to accept a ‘raise’ rather than reaching out to a ‘dream’.

Vishal came up with a query, right then. It was an attractive merging proposition of his hugely promising startup so that he could find time for the task he loved the most. Oh no. Anything shrinking his growth and sabotaging his future was uncalled for. But then, that is what the raise could have brought about in this case that is being discussed! What about that? The universe was asking to stretch out so that it can bless.

And the whole script of giving a ‘raise’ was wiped out miraculously, as the message pasted on the to-do board stared back: “Moving on to a better opportunity”.

For a moment, it was a dark tunnel showing up. There was no such option available. So it was a wish. Yes, a ‘wish’! There was no botheration if it did not come about, as there was no direct threat. Complacency would set in another time and few more years would get wasted. So what. A universal principle also will get disproved, at the same time. What was there to lose?

So the choice persisted. And the option showed up in the next two days. Strangely. Miraculously. An option to get over the toxicity, at last, a plunge to another world. At last. It was only to decide and chose that simple. The outcome comes running as if saying, “Thou are my master!”