Ink Paper Soul
A precisely written intention. I wished a change for abundance; better finances, to create lively people around and be happy. I travel to recharge all I meet. Well well, this sentence resisted the wish to write further when one labors with a word, then the essence is lost. That essentially means that there is no connection between the words being written and what the soul wants to express.

So Purvi was given extraordinary responsibilities, because of her tenacity in withstanding the ambiguity. That appeared like a raise, and in many ways, it was so. She was in two minds whether to celebrate it as an achievement. Her friend Prakash, accompanied to the restaurant. They ordered their favorite dishes and drinks. He was listing down the extra titbits of work back at home, that he needs to pick up now with Purvi’s busy schedules from the next day. They were living together for the last few years.

Both of them have to depend more on the dibba system because there may not be time to cook dinner. The extra silent hours at home on Saturday afternoons may also get rarer. Prakash likes to write in spare times, and that saves the relationship from a lot of misunderstandings. They can greet each other for tea from their respective rooms at around 5.40 in the evening. That becomes an elaborate tea sometimes extending to the early dinner time when they order something or just go out. Usually at 9 pm but occasionally at 10.30 pm.

When they bid good night for the day, on any day, there is an hour each spent in the privacy of their individual rooms. Purvi has seen Prakash’s diary on his table the next day when she dusted the room. She knew the wonderful words on paper in that diary. Prakash puts the innermost analysis very lucidly. The pain, at times, caused by some words of Purvi, were kind of acknowledgment of her footsteps. She comes to know very late though, almost when she had forgotten.

She wondered if Prakash expected to be reciprocated the same way. She could not tell. She has not noticed. As they returned back today, Prakash was said the usual ‘goodnight, before locking the room. Purvi called him before the door got closed. “Yes”, Prakash was surprised. “Hope you are not p…p…planning to marry?” he joked haltingly. Purvi was a bit awkward too. “Does he mean her marriage to somebody else, which will take her away which would make him miss her?”

“Will you not marry me?”. The words came automatically. The question embarrassed both of them. They looked away from each other for a few minutes. Then Prakash took a few steps towards her. Still silent. “I will not demand to read your diary even if we are married”, Purvi blurted out. It made Praksh give a loud laugh, but Purvi was still smiling.

The silence returned. They walked towards the dining and looked outside the balcony. “Are we deciding tonight? Because I don’t really know why I had to come up with the question, because not an idea as yet”; Purvi asked. Prakash smiled at that. “No, we don’t have to. Let’s have tea to celebrate the idea. Two people living together for such a long time automatically should get this idea of marriage.”. he assured.

So they had tea, and bade goodnight the second time very late, almost early morning. The next morning she woke up with Prakash’s tea as usual, but she had to rush just after tea and she saw the breakfast to be already made. She asked if Prakash wrote anything new. “Would you like to read the diary? It has been noted as an important decision in my timeline” He told her.

Purvi felt a bit shocked. She was half expecting a story as Prakash was an early morning person. However, she did not have time to discuss it. She liked the breakfast though. Office was as usual, despite her new responsibilities. Somehow it was evening. She was picked up from her office today by Prakash at 7 pm. “I applied for the registration of our marriage.” He told. “W. what?” She could not believe. “But we were yet to decide”, she asked.

“I thought you are convinced that my soul becomes ink on the paper. I told you it was recorded as a timeline event of my life, and you looked happy at the idea. We both knew, but it was you who made the proposal also. …”, he said and looked at her. “Is it okay? ”

Purvi hugged him. .