The communion

That is the curry leaf plant I have on my balcony

That is the curry leaf plant I have on my balcony. There are two plants in the pot. Survives since last 8 months. but not growing. Only last 15 days when I was feeling one with everything, all whispering for life around me, living and my companions. that they grew the new tiny branches, one each. Looking healthy, right?

I remember one such #communion about 10 years back. There were two rose plants, one red and another yellow. The yellow one scarcely flowered. It was the house of my yoga teacher. While meditating I faced the plants. We were discussing the garden one day, and he expressed frustration about the yellow plant. So I asked the yellow rose plant as to why she felt depressed. She should bloom as she would bring color and variety around her by doing so. Moreover, creativity will keep her healthy.

In 15 days time, I was awed to see the yellow plant started out-flowering the red rose plant. They called it as my brain child. Then I connected the same way with the red rose plant saying.. collaboration in creativity is an amazing feature of nature, so there was no reason for her to be lagging behind.

So it became a tandem story of flowering after that. If you do not believe me, try it when each of the plants produced a red-ish yellow and yellowish-red bunch of flowers respectively .

I remember some few years earlier than that also. when my life was going ebb-low, and I did not have a clue; besides few wild flowering plants in front of my house. Initially those were yellow, pin, purple: which later became many combinations of these colors. Nowhere else were these colors. .

I have a pink in my ‘wild plant balcony garden’..these days. I wish for a Tulsi (holy basil)and a yellow to appear somehow in the garden. . I will inform you as soon as this happens. I am convinced that those will come somehow..

Right now, enjoy this plant. I will show you the video of my creeper of Indian spinach which gives me a nutritious harvest every 3 days. I shall cook it tomorrow and show the dish too Thank, universe!