Crossing of Yamuna

When I am feeling the smile and don’t have anything in particular to share ; is when I read everybody’s post and commented .. as I felt that part of ‘aha’ moment i me as well, and felt the presence tickling me with my choice of ‘buttons’ and phrases and feelings and spreading of something I don’t yet know.
Remembered some words which I had forgotten, and wonder how many words I have forgotten despite noting down Micheal word by word. And transfer those to my experience file digitally. Still I feel I was not there. I was reading the story of Krishna.. who at birth was transported to another kingdom by his jailed father across the other side of the river ‘Yamuna, to a friend’s place who had a baby girl that night. He was a person never uttered a lie in his life,. So when his tormentor asked him about the newborn he replied that they have got a girl, and not a boy. I used to wonder how come he didn’t remember, and if he remembered , then it is a lie. But if he didn’t remember, how can it be a lie? But how could he not remember the episode? I do get to realize now a days that in the utter moments of despair or ecstasy one forgets the odd moments.
So it is an ecstasy I am living through along this journey. So many memories erased, and not understood with its rationality that held me down for so long, become worthless to contemplate even.
And this new feeling  of self-awareness, to know thyself thru the experience of others. What an expansion!