Unfolding self

I follow Nichiren Buddhismrelated SOKA GAKAI. Since it is important to acknowledge the tiny improvements in daily life to get filled up with gratitude, so essential for climbing up in vibrations, one needs to write those down to keep track and count blessings.
I hesitated to share experiences because those felt to be disturbing to me in the beginning.
The first one was the not-so-anxious feeling that I have been having during the lockdown. If everything happens for the good, and if there is an opportunity in every problem, then this global crisis in the form of Covid-19 pandemic must be hiding some thing positive behind the horror. Can it be a disruption which will ultimately bring a breakthrough?
The second one is myself coming to the faith in regularity. I often wondered as to why I could never chant it regularly. I thought that the various Japanese terms made me too confused. It might appear funny to you as it sounds to me also. I can google any term to understand, so it has been definitely an excuse. But when the leaders approached me to start chanting regularly for the cause of creating positive vibration in the universe to counter the COVID-19 sabotage, I felt that I was looking for this ‘responsibility’ factor to be regular. I started on MArch 28th and I have completed 75 hours already. Something so joyful and powerful to bring immediate relief to any pain is a gift that our leaders have given me and I thank them from my heart. I feel very emotional thinking over this. That is why I insisted to them many must be needing that little prodding to chant an extra 10-30 minutes which is required at times to achieve some target.
There have been a many new projects, despite the economic crisis, On which I had been working for sometime. And I could be of help to few people in their quest for some good also in the same way I could find help for myself.
I experimented something this time. Though my knowledge is limited, I am aware of the 9th dimension of consciousness; thru which I can alter the very negative mindset of any person (towards me) to a positive one. And it was a success. During chanting, I had ‘let go’ energy rather than ‘live with it’ energy, and accepted the Buddhahood in the person. You will be surprised to know that the same person, who also is a practitioner, has shared the following lines as his experience in his district during the recent Zadenkai(monthly meeting of the followers), I read some excerpts from his statement : “My primary ichinen, if I can summon it in one line, is this: “MY LIFE IS NMHRK. I HAVE THE SPIRIT OF NICHIREN. THE HEART OF SENSEI. I AM A BUDDHA. I have been flooded with Immense Gratitude for people who have helped and encouraged me throughout life’s small and big moments. Whom I have not had the chance to thank. I have suddenly found myself helping, encouraging and inspiring many people to either join or to deepen their practise. I remain closely attached to them, and we share progress daily. When assailed by negative thoughts of scarcity, unlike in the past, i now can elevate myself by repeating that my life is nmhrk, I’m above this, I will solve it, and I do”.
Finally, I would say that the faith and conviction in chanting has been like a great tool to achieve anything in life. I have already noted few other grand intentions in my dairy. I shall continue to seek support of you all to help me surge ahead like this..