The communion

So I asked the yellow rose plant as to why she felt depressed. She should bloom as she would bring color and variety around her by doing so. Moreover, creativity will keep her healthy.

Discovering the vision

I need to sit in meditation, and be willing,  for that picture to be unfolded. The sacred yes.   It is that simple.  Till that time,  all the pain and negative incidences are just hints for me to look more intently at my destined path.  The sweet surrender.

Michelle Obama and her journal

If you are wondering if this is all that a journal can do, then I bring another world famous journal to your notice. The best seller book, “Becoming of Michelle Obama” which sold 12 million copies in 2019-2020 is a journal. Read it to find out.
The ultimate dream is something unapologetic-ally grand!!

Unfolding self

I follow Nichiren Buddhismrelated SOKA GAKAI. Since it is important to acknowledge the tiny improvements in daily life to get filled up with gratitude, so essential for climbing up in vibrations, one needs to write those down to keep track and count blessings.   I hesitated to share experiences because those felt to be disturbing …

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Gungunao Shaeen-bagh दिल्ली में है शाहीन बागबहुत छोटा बहुत खुला सा एक इतिहास की गलियों में खो गया बाग!एक बहुत साधारण सा मोहल्ला! उस बाग का पता पिछले साल तक सिर्फ डाकिए जानते थे और बाशिंदेउस बाग का रास्ता बहुत जल्दी पार हो जाता था! आज वहां मेला हैवहां आज नया झाम ताम हैआज वहां एक …

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