The right to protest against a trillion wastage

Tis Hazari Sessions Judge Kamini Lau judge displayed courage.while hearing \Chandrashekhar Azad ‘s bail application.The judge said, “It is one’s constitutional right to protest. Why Delhi Police is talking about the protest as if Jama Masjid is in Pakistan.”

When the prosecutor said that one has to take permission to protest, the judge hit back and said, “What permission? The Supreme Court has said repeated use of Section 144 is abuse. I have seen many people, many such cases, where protests happened even outside Parliament. Some of those people are now senior politicians, chief ministers.”

The judge then went on to ask if the prosecutor had read the Constitution at all.

The prosecutor also argued that drone footage from the Jama Masjid protest showed Chandrashekhar Azad making inflammatory speeches during the massive CAA protest in December.

Shaheen bag protest is important because of two reasons : Women have taken the lead in protesting consistently,  and the students have started speaking.  The religious differences if any , have been forgotten to express solidarity with each other.

The judge also said that people are on the streets on CAA-NRC-NPR because there was not enough said about the Bill inside the parliament. People have the right to know.

The judge is a woman too, displaying examplary courage to defy the status quo of the judiciary turning to mute spectators.

The budget to conduct a NRC , taking cue from Assam’s expenses on the same , will be Rs. 533/- per head on an average. This means it will be Rs. 69000 Cr for 130 Cr people and adding logistics, it will touch a trillion.