Mirage -Miracle


Mirage - Miracle

The concept sounded like a daydream, and I was overtly hallucinating, so I thought it to be a mirage. I saw it clearly, but beyond the zone of reality.

For the first time, I felt confident, but far from capable. The words were streaming from somewhere else, and not according to my plan. Was there a heart ever dominating a decision before this? There was no knowledge, as this is an unprecedented feeling.

Arjun! Do you know how it feels when you are just a medium? Obviously, Arjun did not know. The strange messages come rushing from nowhere. Somebody not seen is perceived. It was a wish to experience a miracle. Weird. The google came up with a page saying that the struggle is over and that it was the crown which was coming to be rested on my head.

Knowing me inside out, Arjun had learnt to ignore me when I baffled him too much. So despite intimacy, we were not partners in effecting the abstract moments. Yet, he was looking at the same space along with me. He was listening to the same whispers that spoke to me so many times. Perplexing him today, beyond all his reasoning. It was too long and consistent before him, almost for hours to make it impossible for him to dismiss it as a fluke. The perplexity waited for him to come round through his journey of reasoning.

There were so many helping hands reaching out. The manifestation was right in front just like that. Despite the temptation of having a still better world, Alladdin had chosen to free the genie, that kept me humble but huge. The mind settled, that is when the kingdom of impossible scopes arrived, and the mirage-miracle happened.