Way forward


Way Forward

She could not believe what she was hearing. It was an occasional broadcast, She had tuned in just by chance,

Sumedha had once set up a wish for a way forward in life. She had been reading that a wish set in the line of the universe always comes true. After so many years of wandering, and disappointments, she was not sure if she had been choosing anything of that sort. Surely way below her capability, but where to find that confidence to dream big? By the way, what big should keep her immersed in life while doing justice for the best of her ability?

Abilities, she found out, to be the ones to bring in discipline and systematization towards the goal of the majority. She was happy in that, but it was a thankless role that gets appreciated only when one goes out of the scene. How many times can one withdraw oneself?

If continuity was the high point, then she needed to be immersed in what she loved. She hoped that she could find out ways to be of better value to individuals in completely different ways.

For almost no perceivable reason, she decided that she needed a high energy person to be her companion when she starts doing this. The surrounding has to be like that. Somehow, she selected that person also. The same person whom she was hearing today by chance.

It was four years back that she had wished, and she knew the impossibility. She had been following him, through subscription, and listening to him, occasionally viewing his YouTube pieces. She had noticed that the vibrant Sun looked clouded on his persona. He looked tired and used up. There was no twinkle in his eyes when he uttered those infinitely meaningful words. His efforts look haggard despite his fit exterior.

Maybe he is not doing well in his business, she thought, but could not believe if that was possible. Much beyond the money, she knew that it would pain him immensely if he started becoming irrelevant. He had to live his own lessons over and over again.

And, today, she was surprised to know that she had been right all along. She definitely knew his setbacks via feeling, the cord of intimacy had been established and recognized by the universe. He was inching towards her without any knowledge at both sides.

Today’s piece demanded her pro-activeness, which can be the visible part of a virtual and abstract relationship so far, where the lovers are yet to know each other. She wished again, to be endowed with the required resources to put that important step forward.

She could now reach for the moon.