The project is me

Inception  The idea took root much before but in 1987 it took a definite shape for the jumpstart.

Activities  The foremost activity was to convey a feeling to every human being that there is a hidden power, skill, capability and proficiency in them. The most illiterate, unexposed and deprived being also has it. One can discover that with some days of observant association. I did it to learn the immense possibility I can have at my disposal if I can make them part of my think tank; while I understood how pathetically I will be irrelevant if I do nothing.

However,  one thing worse than gender inequality to me is the concept of exclusion; which is an insult to a human being.  But getting accepted is a huge exercise too and that warrants working with oneself. The first step is to accept as I am, followed by empowering myself to be transformative by nature.

Reading the body language and voice quality to convey to them that the imperfections do not matter.

Keeping a book of the smallest achievements and regular activities : viz. saving Rs.5 more a week, completing a lesson with effective insights, finding a way out for a problem,  getting over the botheration of a circumstances which is beyond control,  improving quality of life with healthy eating and disciplined lifestyles; helping hand to somebody in need   These are achievements which just require common sense, better understanding of a person and reasoning capabilities

Kitchen garden and vegetable cultivation is an important activity.

Impacts  Girls going to school increased from 5% to 60%. Individual savings increase to Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 36,000/- in case of women and men started growing 2 major crops and at least 3 minor crops, more monthly group meetings, participation in Panchayat, block and district level plannings, healthy eating with backyard leafy vegetables enhanced health. Sanitation and basic health awareness reduced the incidences of diseases. Increased protein intake helped to get over continuous cycles of illnesses. Women saved more as a result of reduced health expenditure.   Food insecurity was taken care of with more income, and more productivity, Health goals have been achieved.

My dream Taking the movement to a sustainable phase due to unavoidable circumstances.

My future investment Shall create demo farms which will be resource centers for sustainable cultivation, climate change, indigenous methods, processes, reviving traditional seeds, beekeeping, herbal cultivation