Dream towards Self Reliance

Not everybody wants to become an entrepreneur. Not every poor can be included in a self help group. Not everybody is in a position to be resourceful towards a possible enterprise. Uncertainties of life keep vulnerability going on. The poor cope by ruling out to experiment with all ideas that come along with the possibilities of prosperity. This means that the unproductive ways of life continues. So how to gain that extra that can build self reliance ultimately?

devti Dbai

The ‘how’ of it still bothers.
However, the ‘why’ has been a long standing dream within. The dream is that of a Rigvedic society where people live in abundance but lead simple lives, very close to nature, reading the vibrations of every being and the only goal is to reach out to more and more light. My life midst of that.

I consider that self reliance is achieved when one does not have to worry about the minimum needs of daily life, and there is a decent mechanism to mobilize resources in case one wants to go for more. This requires enhancement of social capital along with proven means of livelihoods.

How do then, the poor, the not so poor and the entrepreneur, gel in to create a group of substance? This is the mechanism I need to discover towards realizing the dream towards self reliance. My mentor Shri Vijay Mahajan, has one concept in mind; ‘livelihood finance’. I started my experiment at Bandhavgarh and the experience needs to be carried forward. ‘Where’ will be the new ground for this innovation; Still to be decided as of today.